In the 21st century loneliness is seen as a modern epidemic, one which risks our physical and mental health. It is also viewed as inevitable and through a negative lens, rather than as a culturally situated emotional state that can be creative. In my book A Biography of Loneliness, I offer a new interpretation of loneliness and its meanings. I have written for Aeon and the Conversation on its origins and for the Guardian on the emotional body , the importance of language and suggested my Top Ten Books about loneliness.

You can watch my TED talk on the history of loneliness here. I was interviewed for BBC Radio Ulster, by Global News for the Charles Adler show, and chatted to Laurie Taylor on BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed. I also took part in a video interview with Saprina Panday for Women’s Health Interactive. For a review of the book, check out the New Statesman, or check out my article on the history of loneliness for TIME.